Acrylic, iridescent medium, 80 x 60cm

I'm interested in patterns that recur in nature, especially when they appear in both tiny and gargantuan places. There are strong similarities in images of the universe and images of neurons. This painting is inspired by the way those things look.

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Do you like abstract art or is it a waste of time?

Say something. All views welcome and respected.

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8 years ago Tamsinatkinson said:

Hi Mark, i really like your abstract! for my perfect painting though, i d use this beautiful paint method to be part of something representational, do you know the work of peter doig and daniel richter. this is a great painting, i m jealous of your skills, i need to experiment more with my painting techniques and this has really inspired me! Tam

8 years ago Mark (Firm Gently) replied:

Great thanks so much Tam. I like the idea of doing something representational with these techniques, it's crossed my mind once or twice; I think I'll put some more thought into it. I'd not heard of those artists but have just started to look at some of their work, I like it. The Peter Doig stuff is making me think of Gustav Klimt, I like the way the images are kind of figurative but also include interesting patterns. Cheers for the comment, it's nice to think I might have helped inspire you!

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